John Pirie

M, #973, b. 22 February 1872
     John Pirie was born on 22 February 1872 at Buckie, Banffshire, Scotland.1,2,3 He was the son of Alexander Pirie and Jessie Cowie. His family was known by the tee-name of "Buxer".
He was listed as head of household's grandson in the 1881 census at 221 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland. Those recorded in the household were: John Pirie “Buxer”, head; Helen Pirie “Buxer”, wife; John Pirie “Buxer”, grandson.4
John Pirie was a fisherman.
He was listed as a crew member in the 1891 census at fishing boat 'King Fisher', Westray Pier, Westray, Orkney, Scotland. Those recorded aboard 'King Fisher' were: Jno Pirie Buxer, fisherman master; Alex Pirie Buxer, fisherman; Jno Wood Royal, fisherman; Robert Grant, fisherman; Geo Wood Royal, fisherman; Jno Pirie Buxer, fisherman; Jno Wood Royal, fisherman; Wm Wood, cook.5
He married Ann Pirie at Seafield Church, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 6 December 1895.6 He was the informant for John Pirie's death at Church Street, Portsoy, Banffshire, Scotland, on 3 July 1898.7

Children of John Pirie and Ann Pirie


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