Colen Ferree

M, #8241
     He married Mina Briggs. He was the informant for Mina Ferree's death at West Mifflin, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA, on 16 August 1944.1


  1. [S6917] Mina Ferree née Briggs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics, Certificate of Death, "1. Place of Death: (a) County: Allegheny (b) Township: West Mifflin (g) Length of stay in this community: 54 years. 2. Usual Residence of Deceased: (a) State: Pennsylvania (b) County: Allegheny (c) City or town: Coal Valley, West Mifflin (d) Street No: New England Road. 3. Full Name: Mina Ferree. 4. Sex: Female. 5. Color or Race: White. 6. (a) Single, widowed, married, divorced: Married (b) Name of husband or wife: Colen Ferree (c) Age of husband or wife if alive: 54 years. 7. Birth date of deceased: July 16 - 1890. 8. Age: 54 years, 1 month, - days. 9. Birthplace: Coal Valley, Pa. 10. Usual occupation: Housewife. 12. Name of Father: Charles Briggs. 13. Birthplace of Father: England. 14. Maiden Name of Mother: Anna Smith. 15. Birthplace of Mother: England. 16. (a) Informant's own signature: Colen Ferree (b) Address: Coal Valley, Pa. 17. (a) Burial (b) Date thereof: Aug 19 - 1944 (c) Place: Lebanon, County: Allegheny, State: Pa. 18. (a) Signature of funeral director: E.C. Finney (b) Address: 555 - 5th St. - Clairton, Pa. 19. (a) Aug 19 1944 (b) Anna Village, Registrar.
    20. Date of Death: Aug. 16 1944, 8.30 P.M. 21. I hereby certify that I attended the deceased from Aug. 3, 1944, to Aug. 16, 1944 and that death occurred on the date and hour stated above. Immediate cause of death: Coma. Due to: Diabetes Mellitis. Other conditions: Multiple abscesses. 23. Signature: J. Bud W. Stewart M.D. Address: Wilson, Pa. Date signed: 8/18/44."