Harriet Strauser

F, #8061, b. April 1869, d. 1903
Harriet Briggs née Strauser (1869-1903)
(Kindly provided by Betty Coldren)
     Harriet Strauser was born in April 1869 at Pennsylvania, USA.1 She was the daughter of Edward Strauser and Sarah Ann Kunkel. She married Henry Briggs circa 1885.1 As of circa 1885, her married name was Harriet Briggs.
She was listed as head of household's wife in the 1900 US census at 1st Precinct, Mifflin township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA. Those recorded in the household were: Henry Briggs, head; Harriet Briggs, wife; Willice N. Briggs, son; Ella M. Briggs, daughter; Laura B. Briggs, daughter; David Briggs, son; Minnie Briggs, daughter; Frank Briggs, son; Hazle Briggs, daughter.2
Harriet died in 1903.1

Children of Harriet Strauser and Henry Briggs


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