Augusta Taylor Ingram

F, #1745, b. 10 June 1874, d. 18 October 1918
     Augusta Taylor Ingram was born on 10 June 1874 at Schoolhendry Street, Portsoy, Banffshire, Scotland.1,2,3 She was the daughter of Alexander Ingram and Augusta Taylor. She married Joseph Addison Sutherland at Bon Accord Hotel, Market street, Aberdeen, Scotland, on 11 January 1901.4,3 As of 11 January 1901, her married name was Augusta Taylor Sutherland.
She was listed as head of household's wife in the 1911 census at 309 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland. Those recorded in the household were: Joseph Sutherland, head; Augusta T. Sutherland, wife; Helen Sutherland, daughter; Josephine Sutherland, daughter; Alexander Sutherland, son; Joseph Sutherland, son; Augusta Sutherland, daughter; Louisa Sutherland, daughter; Tomas Urwin Sutherland, son.5,3
Augusta died on 18 October 1918 at 309 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, at age 44. The Libindex record indicates that there is a memorial (H164) in Hillhead Cemetery, but it does not record that she was interred there.6,7,3

Children of Augusta Taylor Ingram and Joseph Addison Sutherland


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