William George Slater

M, #87, b. 3 May 1878, d. 26 January 1957
William George Slater (c1879-1957)
(Photograph kindly provided by Edgar Donaldson Mair)
     William George Slater was born on 3 May 1878 at Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.1 He was the son of Alexander Sclater and Margaret Goodbrand. His family was known by the tee-name of "Wildie".
He was listed as head of household's son in the 1881 census at 271 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland. Those recorded in the household were: Alexr. Slater, head; Margaret Goodbrand (Slater), wife; Ann Slater, daughter; Christina (sic) Slater, daughter; Alexr. Slater, son; Maggie Slater, daughter; Jessie Slater, daughter; Helen Slater, daughter; Elizabeth Slater, daughter; William Geo. Slater, son.2
William George Slater was a fisherman. He married Mary Ann Mair at Seafield Church, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 10 December 1903.3
He was listed as head of household in the 1911 census at 446 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland. Those recorded in the household were: William G. Slater, head; Mary Ann Slater, wife; Maggie Slater, daughter; Eveline Slater, daughter; Williamina Slater, daughter.4

The Valuation Roll for the County of Banff for Year 1915-1916 shows that William George Slater was owner occupier of 446 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.5
The Buckie and District Directory for 1926 shows that William George Slater lived at 6 Seafield Street, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.6 He was the informant for, and present at, Ann Slater's death at 15 Pulteney Street, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 11 July 1939.7,8 William George Slater died on 26 January 1957 at age 78.9 He was buried after 26 January 1957 at Hillhead Cemetery, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.9

Children of William George Slater and Mary Ann Mair


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