Isabella Ritchie

F, #5186, b. 15 May 1898, d. 29 November 1979
     Isabella Ritchie was born on 15 May 1898 at Aberdeen, Scotland. She was the daughter of Thomas Ritchie and Isabella Craig. She married George Wood at 256 Union Street, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on 3 August 1923.1,2 As of 3 August 1923, her married name was Isabella Wood. Isabella died on 29 November 1979 at Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, at age 81.3,2 She was buried on 3 December 1979 at Forest Lawn Burial Park, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.3,2

Child of Isabella Ritchie and George Wood


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    NAME OF DECEASED 1. Surname, Given names: Wood, Isabella, 2. Sex: Female
    PLACE OF DEATH 3. Name of hospital or institution, City, town or other place: Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby B.C., Inside municipal limits? Yes
    USUAL RESIDENCE 4. Complete street address: 3730 Burke, Burnaby, Inside municipal limits? Yes, Province: B.C.
    MARITAL STATUS 5. Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widowed, 6. If married, widowed, or divorced, give full name of husband or full maiden name of wife: George Wood
    OCCUPATION 7. Kind of work done during most of working life: Housewife, 8. Kind of business or industry in which worked: At Home
    BIRTHDATE 9. Month, day, year of birth: May 15th 1898, 10. Age: 81 years
    BIRTHPLACE 11. City or place: Aberdeen, Scotland, 12. Native Indian? No
    FATHER 13. Surname and given names of father: Thomas Ritchie, 14. Birthplace: Aberdeen Scotland
    MOTHER 15. Maiden surname and given names of mother: Isabella Craig, 16. Birthplace: Aberdeen Scotland
    INFORMANT 17. Signature of informant: David Wood, 18. Relationship to deceased: Son, 19. Address of informant: 6727 Burns, Burnaby B.C., 20. Date signed: November 29th 1979
    DISPOSITION 21. Burial, cremation or other disposition: Burial, 22. Date of burial or disposition: December 3rd, 1979, 23. Name and address of cemetery, crematorium or place of disposition: Forest Lawn Burial Park, Burnaby B.C.
    FUNERAL DIRECTOR 24. Name and address of funeral director: Glenhaven Memorial Chapel Ltd., Vancouver B.C.
    DATE OF DEATH 25. Month, day, year of death: November 29th 1979
    CAUSE OF DEATH 26. Part I Immediate cause of death: (a) Massive Cerebrovascular Accident, Approx. interval between onset & death: 12 hrs, due to, or as a consequence of, (b) Cerebrovascular Arteriosclerosis, Approx. interval between onset & death: years, Part II Other significant conditions contributing to the death: Anticoagulant Therapy, Approx. interval between onset & death: 6-8 wks
    AUTOPSY PARTICULARS 27. Autopsy being held? No, 28. Does the cause of death stated above take account of autopsy findings? No, 29. May further information relating to the cause of death be available later? No
    CERTIFICATION 36. I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief the above-named person died on the date and from the causes stated herein: Kurt N. Gottschling, Attending physician, 37. Name of physician: Dr. Kurt N. Gottschling, Address: 204-6440 Royal Oak, B'by, Date: 11, 30, 79
    CERTIFICATION OF DISTRICT REGISTRAR I certify this return was accepted by me on this date at: New Westminster, B.C, District Registration No. 3255,
    Date: Nov 30 / 79, Signature of Deputy District Registrar."