Robert Mair

M, #2605, b. 28 September 1888, d. 23 March 1930
     Robert Mair was born on 28 September 1888 at 272 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.1,2 He was the son of George Mair and Mary Bruce. His family was known by the tee-name of "Bobbin".
He was listed as head of household's son in the 1891 census at Church Street, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland. Those recorded in the household were: Geo Mair "Bobin", head; Mary Mair "Bobin", wife; David Mair "Bobin", son; Geo Mair "Bobin", son; Helen Mair "Bobin", daughter; Jessie Mair "Bobin", daughter; Wm Mair "Bobin", son; Robt Mair "Bobin", son; James Mair "Bobin", son.3
Robert Mair was a fisherman. They was the informant for George Mair's birth at 81 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 9 September 1910.4,2 He married Jane Wilson at Seafield Church, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 9 December 1910.5,2 He was the informant for Mary Bruce Mair's birth at 320 Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland, on 9 September 1916.6,2
The Buckie and District Directory for 1926 shows that Robert Mair lived at 10 Station Street, Portknockie, Banffshire, Scotland.7 Robert died on 23 March 1930 at Banff District Asylum at age 41.8,2

Children of Robert Mair and Jane Wilson


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